• Finding weak links

    The firm’s attorneys are skilled at identifying vulnerabilities in opposing arguments and seeking swift resolution in favor of their clients.

  • Proven Results

    The firm’s attorneys always think outside the box, looking for unconventional legal theories that advance the interests of their clients.

  • The best defense is a great offense

    The firm’s attorneys aggressively attack charges from the beginning, with motions to dismiss and constitutional challenges when available.

  • It’s not over

    Whether you’re unhappy with a ruling or need to protect one in your favor, the firm’s attorneys are experts in defending their clients’ interests in appellate court.

The Right Attorneys

Talmage Newton, Top Criminal Defense Attorney – 10.0 Rating

Newton ▪ Barth are trial attorneys practicing in Missouri and Illinois. The firm handles criminal and civil matters in federal, state and municipal courts as well as a variety of administrative tribunals. Our attorneys have experience trying jury, bench and administrative trials as well as authoring and arguing appeals in a variety of jurisdictions.