Criminal Defense / DWI / Traffic

The attorneys of Newton ▪ Barth are zealous courtroom advocates defending their clients against a variety of serious criminal charges in federal, state, and municipal courts throughout Missouri and Illinois.

The criminal defense team at Newton ▪ Barth is made up of both career criminal defense attorneys and former prosecutors.

  • Talmage Newton has spent his career defending people against criminal charges. He has defended clients against numerous charges (including murder, assault and sex crimes). Due to his extensive experience representing clients in criminal defense matters, Talmage Newton has been appointed to act as a Special Public Defender for the Missouri Public Defender System and has been appointed as a panel attorney for the Federal Criminal Justice Act. He is serving in his second term as a board member of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and has recently been named a “Rising Star” in the area of criminal defense.

  • Brandy Barth, formerly a prosecuting attorney in a major St. Louis Municipality, Brandy now brings those skills to ensure justice for her clients. Brandy helps her clients navigate the criminal justice system and always fights for her clients. Recently, Brandy secured the acquittal of a former police officer after a jury trial. Brandy also helped secure the dismissal of multiple rape charges for her client.

You need attorneys who will locate key evidence and vet the prosecution’s case. You need attorneys who are familiar with the law and keep up to date on developing criminal defense strategies. You need attorneys who will prepare for trial and will aggressively negotiate for the dismissal or reduction of charges. The Newton ▪ Barth criminal defense team has handled every stage of criminal prosecutions and defense from initial charging decisions, through trial, and on appeal. We are your best partner for what is the most important moment in your life.

The attorneys at Newton ▪ Barth provide their clients the best and most cost effective defense against criminal charges.

If you face criminal charges in Missouri or Illinois, you need attorneys with a reputation for excellence, aggressive representation, honesty, integrity and extraordinary client services, contact Newton ▪ Barth.