Family Law

The attorneys of Newton ▪ Barth represent individuals involved in divorces, child custody/support disputes, adult abuse/orders of protection, paternity cases, motions to modify and other family law matters. Whether you are initiating the proceeding or have just been served, these matters are emotionally charged, touching every facet of your everyday life. The trial lawyers of Newton ▪ Barth are here to see you through this trying time while minimizing conflict and costs.

Our interdisciplinary approach leaves us uniquely qualified in matters involving small business valuation and allegations of abuse. Each of these circumstances significantly increase the risk of damage to an individual's financial well-being and/or child custody rights.

Even if the higher-risk scenarios outlined above does not apply to you, having a trial attorney in your corner is a prudent step. You need an attorney with a reputation for excellence, aggressive representation, honesty, integrity and extraordinary client services. Contact Newton ▪ Barth.