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Business litigation includes a broad spectrum of disputes which can at the least pose a minor impediment to a business’s operations and at worst, heavily damage or destroy one. Even a seemingly minor issue can grow into protracted litigation which can adversely impact your business.

What Type of Business Litigation Cases Does Newton Barth Handle?

When faced with a business-related dispute, working with trial lawyers who are experienced and highly skilled in the courtroom can make all the difference. Our Business Litigation Lawyers understand the complex dynamics and nuances associated with successfully managing a business.

Examples of business disputes which can lead to an entangled, potentially costly web of litigation include:

  • Breach of contract issues
  • Shareholder and/or partnership disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty issues
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Labor and employment matters

As business owners themselves, the attorneys of Newton Barth are highly skilled in analyzing your legal situation as well as the business factors crucial to developing an effective strategy for handling your specific business dispute and determining whether litigation or a negotiated settlement is the most cost-effective resolution.

Closeup on the hands of a Business Litigation attorney at Newton Barth taking notes on a tablet.

Why Choose the Business Litigation Lawyers of Newton Barth?

We serve all types of businesses from small- and mid-sized business owners to large corporate entities. We are passionate about helping our clients and their businesses on the path to success not only in court but in business as well. Our boutique practice focuses on understanding the nuances behind each case and creating a customized strategy that will help you get the desired results.

With Newton Barth on your side, you can expect attorneys who:

  • Are proficient in all aspects of business litigation
  • Bring exacting, exceptionally high standards of performance to our research, preparation, and execution of our legal strategies for every client
  • Have a deep understanding of the business world
  • Are skilled in negotiating with opposing parties
  • Will not hesitate to go to trial if doing so is the most beneficial option for a client
Brand Barth, employment law attorney at Newton Barth law firm

Brandy Barth heads our employment practice and has dealt extensively with employment discrimination cases involving retaliation, whistleblowing, sexual harassment, hostile workplace environments, and discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender, ethnicity or national origin, disability and sexual orientation.

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