The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Newton Barth Win Tough Cases

Few things can have as great an impact on one’s life as being investigated or charged with a crime. Everything is at stake: your freedom, your family, your career, and in some cases, your life. Considering the stakes, every criminal charge, whether a white-collar offense, a violent felony, a drug crime, a sex crime, or a DUI/DWI, without question, requires the most effective legal counsel available.

What does a Criminal Defense Attorney do?

The job of a Criminal Defense attorney is to diligently protect your rights and ensure you navigate the criminal justice process fairly with the best outcome possible. At Newton Barth, our team works hard to advocate on the behalf of our clients at every stage of the process.

As your legal representation, the Newton Barth criminal defense team will examine witnesses, review evidence, question police about the procedures used in conjunction with the case, and analyze the prosecution’s case. We will assess the potential sentences, assist with the jury selection process, file motions with the court, and negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce or eliminate your criminal charges.

What can you expect from the Criminal Defense lawyers of Newton Barth?

Our team of lawyers offer extensive experience, a commitment to client communication, a demonstrated dedication to exacting and meticulous research and preparation, and a determined and aggressive approach to trial.

The Criminal Defense attorneys at Newton Barth are first and foremost, highly experienced trial attorneys, and are known throughout Missouri and southern Illinois for taking on and winning even the most challenging criminal defense cases. Our team of lawyers and investigators thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the charges against our clients and aggressively attack the prosecutor’s case at virtually every stage.

We are focused on ensuring that our clients have the best achievable result and that their reputations are intact after the case is concluded.

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What Type of Criminal Defense Cases Do the Attorneys of Newton Barth Accept?

Defense matters

In over 40 years of combined practice we have represented clients against virtually every type of criminal charge. We handle both Missouri State Criminal Defense and Federal Criminal Defense matters. Whatever criminal case or charge you may be dealing with, we are here to help:

  • Fraud and Government Investigations
  • Drug Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent Felonies
  • DUI / DWI
  • And More

Sentencing Hearings

Mistakenly, some criminal defense attorneys undervalue the importance of sentencing hearings and look at them as something of a foregone conclusion. To the criminal defense lawyers of Newton Barth, sentencing hearings are a part of the process and demand our best research, exacting preparation, and our most aggressive posture with the goal of minimizing the impact of a sentence on our clients and their loved ones.

Why choose the Criminal Defense attorneys of Newton Barth?

We are tenacious criminal defense lawyers with the experience you need. The attorneys at Newton Barth handle every stage of criminal prosecutions and defense from investigations to negotiating charging decisions, through discovery, plea negotiations, trial, and if necessary sentencing and appeal.

You need a team of trial attorneys who have tried cases in front of juries and judges. The choice of an attorney when you are facing criminal charges may well be the most important decision you will ever make.

The criminal defense attorneys of Newton Barth are the partners willing to zealously and tirelessly advocate for your rights and freedom.

Portrait of Talmage Newton, Criminal Defense Attorney

Talmage Newton is a founding partner at Newton Barth and a trial attorney who represents clients in a variety of criminal matters in federal and state courts. His criminal defense experience is extensive and he will fight tirelessly to defend the accused.

Case Results

Newton Barth routinely handles high-profile matters both in court and in the media if need be. Although many of the Firm’s cases are resolved without charges ever being brought (and therefore remain confidential), this website will give you a small sample of some of the public cases that the Firm has handled.

To learn more, read through our case results.

Client Acquitted By Jury Of Murder

A St. Louis City jury acquitted our client of charges of first-degree murder, assault, and armed criminal action after a jury trial lead by partners, Brandy Barth and Talmage Newton. Talmage and Brandy aggressively defended their client’s right to self-defense and refused to compromise.

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Federal Firearms Charge Dismissed

The firm’s client was charged in federal court with being a felon in possession of a firearm (922(g)). Our team’s investigation uncovered a nearly 30-year-old government document which exempted him from the federal firearms prohibition. All federal charges against the client were dismissed.

We are here to be your advocate & defend your rights.

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