The Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys of Newton Barth Know the Federal Court System

Being arrested and charged with any criminal offense is a serious matter, one which can change the accused’s life forever. However, charges at the federal level can often bring the distinct possibility of especially aggressive prosecution and what may often be even harsher minimum penalties than state-level cases. In addition, many federal cases receive significant media attention and this higher profile can mean not only more aggressive prosecution but also less willingness on the part of prosecutors to negotiate a plea agreement.

Not only do federal charges often bring into the equation Federal Sentencing guidelines and often stiffer penalties, but they also are often handled by federal prosecutors who deal with a small, focused caseload, allowing them to dedicate greater time and resources to building a case against the accused.

What is a federal crime?

A crime is federal when it specifically violates United States federal laws, or when an individual carries out criminal activity over multiple states, including commercial fraud, wire fraud, and sex or drug trafficking. Federal offenses are tried in federal courts and are investigated and prosecuted by government agencies such as the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Exterior of a courthouse where the federal criminal defense attorneys of Newton Barth have successfully defended cases against their clients

The Law Firm of Newton Barth has extensive experience as Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Newton Barth have an exceptionally high level of experience in defending clients charged with federal offenses and have an equally outstanding record of success in those matters. Our attorneys have successfully defended clients charged on the federal level with offenses including:

Business and white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, financial theft and more

A broad range of drug-related offenses

Firearms offenses

Sex crimes

Identity theft and cyber crimes

Gun crimes

Why Choose Newton Barth if You’ve Been Accused of a Federal Crime?

Our federal criminal defense attorneys have considerable experience in navigating the challenging federal court environment and in dealing with federal judges and prosecutors.

We work aggressively, meticulously, and diligently on behalf of each client to determine the best legal strategy, whether it is negotiating a plea agreement or going to trial. We also focus vigorously on defending clients at every step in the process, all the way through appeal.

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Talmage Newton is a founding partner at Newton Barth and a trial attorney who represents clients in a variety of criminal matters in federal and state courts. His criminal defense experience is extensive and he will fight tirelessly to defend the accused.

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