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Getting through trial in criminal cases is often not the final battle. In some cases, there is yet another important battle to be fought: Sentencing.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers of Newton Barth firmly believe in maintaining the highest level of intensity and commitment to the client’s representation, and the sentencing phase is an absolutely critical phase of a client’s defense.

What is a Sentencing Hearing?

A sentencing hearing is the phase in which a judge imposes a punishment on the defendant after they have been found guilty at trial or pled guilty to a crime. Most criminal offenses carry minimum and maximum penalties, defined by law, and the sentence will fall somewhere in between. Sometimes a plea deal will be negotiated between the prosecution and defense, speeding up the hearing process and reducing the overall sentence. Otherwise, the sentencing decision lies solely in the hands of the judge, with each side arguing for or against the severity of the punishment.

Sentences depend upon a multitude of factors and may range from a petty fine to lifelong incarceration. As such, the objective of defendants and their legal counsel is to minimize the severity of an eventual sentence.

An attorney delivers a sentencing statement in front of a judge in a courtroom

Why Sentencing is Critical to the Team at Newton Barth

Mistakenly, some criminal defense attorneys undervalue the importance of sentencing hearings and look at them as something of a foregone conclusion. To the criminal defense lawyers of Newton Barth, sentencing hearings are a part of the process and demand our best research, exacting preparation, and our most aggressive posture with the goal of minimizing the impact of a sentence on our clients and their loved ones.

Portrait of Talmage Newton, Criminal Defense Attorney

Talmage Newton is a founding partner at Newton Barth and a trial attorney who represents clients in a variety of criminal matters in federal and state courts. His criminal defense experience is extensive and he will fight tirelessly to defend the accused.

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