The Personal Injury Lawyers of Newton Barth Provide Unsurpassed Service and Experience

In personal injury representation, the Attorneys at Newton Barth focus on providing the best possible client experience, minimizing the stresses of the legal process, and taking every step necessary toward bringing each client’s life back to normalcy. With this in mind, we make extraordinary efforts to communicate clearly, regularly and effectively with our clients, ensuring none feel “left in the dark” regarding any aspect of their case and its progress.

What Type of Personal Injury Accidents Does Newton Barth Handle?

Our experience in personal injury representation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents with cars, busses or trucks, commercial and privately owned
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Bicycle-related accidents
  • Pedestrian-related accidents
  • Work-related accident

What Can You Expect from the Personal Injury Lawyers of Newton Barth?

Dealing with the effects of what can be a life-altering situation following a personal injury is often extremely complex, and necessitates dealing with numerous doctors’ appointments, physical therapy sessions, a myriad of medical bills, interactions with insurance companies, lost earnings and even interruption or loss of employment. Recognizing the challenges inherent in handling these new burdens, we make every possible effort to assist our clients in successfully negotiating this challenging terrain.

These factors mean it is of the utmost importance to seek experienced, compassionate, and effective legal representation. As your attorneys in a personal injury case, our goal is to take every step necessary to ensure you never feel overwhelmed by the situation, vulnerable or uncertain as to your legal situation.

A man grabs his neck after a car accident and in need of a personal injury attorney from Newton Barth

Why Choose the Personal Injury Attorneys of Newton Barth

Our lawyers are confident and assertive negotiators whose skills extend beyond negotiating settlements. We have a demonstrated ability to evaluate each case and know when litigation is the best option for our clients.

The benefits of working with Newton Barth are significant, as you can expect attorneys who:

  • Are experienced in all types of personal injury cases
  • Have in-depth knowledge of how to negotiate equitable settlements
  • Understand the dynamics of the threat of litigation in personal injury settlement negotiations
  • Are highly experienced trial lawyers well-prepared to go to trial to obtain the most favorable results possible for clients
Portrait of Talmage Newton, Criminal Defense Attorney

Talmage Newton is a founding partner at Newton Barth and a trial attorney who represents clients in a variety of criminal matters in federal and state courts. His criminal defense experience is extensive and he will fight tirelessly to defend the accused.

We are here to be your advocate & defend your rights.

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