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The team of Attorneys at Newton Barth have been practicing law for 30 plus years of combined experience. Our team of lawyers are experienced, committed, and aggressive trial attorneys. Explore our courtroom experience and see how our team provides an uncompromising dedication to our clients and meticulous attention to detail to produce the best possible outcome for our clients.

Client Acquitted By Jury Of Murder

A St. Louis City jury acquitted our client of charges of first-degree murder, assault, and armed criminal action after a jury trial lead by partners, Brandy Barth and Talmage Newton. Talmage and Brandy aggressively defended their client’s right to self-defense and refused to compromise.

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Federal Firearms Charge Dismissed

The firm’s client was charged in federal court with being a felon in possession of a firearm (922(g)). Our team’s investigation uncovered a nearly 30-year-old government document which exempted him from the federal firearms prohibition. All federal charges against the client were dismissed.

Acquittal In St. Louis City Circuit Court

After a two day jury trial in St. Louis City, the firm’s client was acquitted of eight counts of felony property damage and assault stemming from an alleged shooting at a Bi-State metro bus.

6-Figure Settlement On Property Damage Dispute

Newton Barth attorney successfully negotiated a 6-figure settlement for a business client on a property damage dispute.

T.W. v. Shipping Company

$14,000.00 settlement for a rare museum quality modernist radio which was damaged during shipment. After thoroughly investigating the incident the matter was able to be resolved before suit ever had to be filed.

Wrongful Arrest Settlement

In a confidential settlement a St. Louis area municipality paid a significant cash settlement in response to claims that the firm’s client had been wrongfully arrested and wrongfully charged by police for merely being a passenger in a car involved in a felony police chase. As a result of the wrongful arrest the Client was wrongfully jailed for more than 50-days and temporarily lost custody of her children. The settlement represented nearly twice the Client’s annual income.

Civil Rights Suit Filed

Firm attorneys filed a federal civil rights suit for a woman falsely arrested, assaulted, and wrongfully charged by Florissant, Missouri police department.

6-Figure Settlement For Dog Bite Victim

Client receives a 6-figure settlement for injuries and emotional trauma sustained as a result of an attack from a neighborhood dog.

6-Figure Settlement For Motorcycle Accident

Client received a 6-figure settlement after a motorcycle accident.   Settlement not only covered the client’s extensive medical bills, but also a generous payout.

Million Dollar Judgement

Newton Barth attorneys secured a million dollar judgment for the firm’s client in relation to the wrongful death of her mother in a Southern Missouri nursing home.

Personal Injury Settlement

A confidential cash settlement was obtained on behalf of a client who, while walking along a street in a commercial zone, was struck in the shoulder from behind by the rear-view mirror of a passing truck. The settlement has covered all of the client’s medical expenses and will provide for future care and treatment of the shoulder.

Federal Lawsuit Settled

NB negotiated settlement after suit for a federal gender discrimination lawsuit AND a class-action based on unpaid commissions.  Both suits were resolved favorably for client.

Multiple Plaintiff Payout

A lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs was settled by Brandy Barth through mediation with clients receiving back pay and lost wages.

Whistleblower Case Settled

After a year of litigation, whistleblower claim is favorably settled through mediation.

Lawsuits On File

Brandy Barth files three employment lawsuits, alleging racial discrimination in St. Charles County, wrongful termination in St. Louis City, and sexual harassment filed in federal court.


Newton Barth attorneys secure a gracious settlement offer for a client experiencing employment discrimination.

Fire Chief Returned To Work – Attempts To Terminate Employee Fails

The Village Board of Swansea improperly attempted to terminate the Client’s position. After intervening on the Client’s behalf, both at a public meeting and through correspondence with the Board’s attorney, the Board reversed its decision and reinstated the Chief to his position.

Wrongful Discharge Suit Filed

Administrative charges against police officer’s license dismissed for Brandy Barth’s client. Firm attorney, Brandy Barth, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of client against the City of Cottleville and its former police chief.

Public Employees Ordered Reinstated

Firm partner Brandy Barth won an appeal of a termination of public employees where the circuit court ordered the fired employees reinstated with back pay, benefits and attorneys’ fees.

Not Guilty – Federal Court

Talmage Newton and the firm’s client celebrate a “not guilty” verdict in federal court. The client went to trial to fight a count of aggravated identity theft, which would have had a mandatory two-year sentence on top of any other time imposed.

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